With Instabug’s bug reporting and feedback, you can cut your workflow from hours to minutes by receiving rich reports, that help you fix issues faster and build a better app.

Different Invocation Methods

Users can share feedback from your Settings menu, or trigger Instabug by shaking their device, taking a screenshot, or other gestures.

Report Types

They can report a bug, suggest an improvement, or just ask a question.

Report Categories

Use Report Categories to organize your feedback and customize them to fit your needs.

Feedback Reporting

Your users can add a description, annotate the attached screenshot, magnify, or blur out sensitive information.
Users can even add more attachments like a screen recording to effectively pinpoint the issue.

Accessing Reports on Your Dashboard
Once uses submit a feedback report, you’ll get your reports instantly on your dashboard.

Your reports will be labeled by their type and you can filter them by type, app version, and more.

Report Details

Now let's check the report.
Get a quick overview showing the attached feedback and essential details including default, or custom user attributes.

With Repro steps validate your reports and cut down on debugging time. Easily reproduce the issue by seeing the user’s actions on each screen they visited up to sending the bug report.

With the session profiler you can identify device related issues at a glance. Device details such as CPU load and memory are highlighted 60 seconds prior to the report.

Multiple logs provide a breadth of contextual data, and help you highlight and solve specific issues. There are 5 types of logs:

  1. Console Logs
  2. Instabug Logs
  3. Network Logs
  4. User Events
  5. User Steps

Network logs for example give you actionable insights into HTTP request and response details.

Actions on Report

Manage issues by updating their status, assigning reports to your team, and more.

Send replies to your users inside your app to get even more feedback. Keep them engaged through notifications.


Seamlessly integrate Instabug into your workflow, with your favorite tools to streamline your development, testing, and support.

Automation Rules

With Rules you can optimize your workflow even further.
Set automatic replies to users, forward issues directly to your chosen tools, and much more.

Start using Instabug’s Bug reporting today, and get the feedback you need to fix issues faster and improve your app.

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