With Instabug’s In-App Feature Requests, tailor a customer-driven product, and build features that matter to your users.

Voting Experience

Give your users a voice right inside your app, by letting them vote for the features that they need the most.

Users Adding Requests

Empower your users further by letting them request a new feature easily.
They’ll just add a title, fill out the details, and hit add.

Requests Dashboard

Get an overview of the feature requests on your dashboard. Here you’ll find the full list of requests prioritized by votes. Optimize your backlog by seeing where you are at a glance with requests distribution. Go a step further and filter requests based on your needs.

Team Adding Requests 

You can even add your own feature requests to get your user’s input.
Just click add request, and fill in the description.

Request Details

Now, Let's look at an example.
Request details give you a quick insight into the feature by showing many votes it has, its current status and timeline.

Discussion Board

Discussion board lets you get in touch with your community.
Directly engaging with your users allows you to discover their motivations, and dig deeper into their pain points.

Users can add their thoughts, and see comments made on all requests, while comments from your team will be highlighted.

Request Status Update

Keep your users in the loop when updating a request’s status, and see its progress.

Ultimate Control

Declutter your feature requests by editing titles and descriptions.
And keep users on topic by removing spam comments or requests.

Secure Backlog

Worried about competitors snooping around?
Keep your backlog private and maintain ultimate control, by limiting who gets access to feature requests and when.

UI Styling

For a seamless experience, you can customize the look and feel to match your branding.

Start using Instabug’s In-App feature requests today,  and get the feedback you need to deliver a customer-driven product.

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