With Instabug’s crash reporting, automatically receive detailed lightweight reports when your app crashes, monitor your app’s health, and fix issues faster.

Get quick insights on your crash-free sessions and monitor each release to catch new problems in real time.

Crash Report Types

Get a detailed list of reports on fatal and non-fatal errors.

Our Crash severity metric will help you identify a crash’s impact on users, and let you address the highest severity first.

Crash details will show you the number of occurrences, affected users, app versions impacted, and when the last crash occurred.

You can also filter your crashes to a get a more contextualized selection.

Crash Report Details

Now, let's take a look at a crash report. Get an overview of the crash occurrences, and take a more detailed look into OS, app versions, and device attributes.

The stack trace of the crash offers you a detailed under the hood look into frames and threads.

Crash Occurrence Details

View a crash occurrence and narrow down the cause further.
You can also filter occurrences to pinpoint what you’re looking for.
Some basic details will give you a quick understanding of the specific occurrence.

With the session profiler, you can identify device-related issues at a glance. Device details such as CPU usage and memory are highlighted 60 seconds prior to the crash.

You can attach different logs that provide a breadth of contextual data.
There are 5 types of logs:

  1. Console Logs
  2. Instabug Logs
  3. Network Logs
  4. User Events
  5. User Steps

For example, Instabug logs let you log information like errors or failures as the app is running.

Actions on Report

Stay on top of issues by updating status, assigning reports to your team, and more.

Reply to all or specific users that suffered from a crash and establish a line of communication inside your app. Update them with crash fixes and help prevent churn.


Seamlessly integrate Instabug with your favorite tools to streamline your workflow, and forward your reports to the right channels.

Automation Rules

With Rules you can optimize your workflow even further. Assign specific issues to your team, forward them directly to your chosen tools, and much more.

Start using Instabug’s crash reporting today, to stay on top of crashes, and improve your app.

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