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Instabug Integrations With Third-Party Tools
Instabug Integrations With Third-Party Tools

Automate your workflow with multiple integrations.

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Instabug integrates with your favorite third-party tools, allowing you to automate your workflow and get more value out of Instabug, including the following benefits:

Receive Detailed Issues

Keep your team’s efforts in one place as they receive detailed bug and crash reports directly in your favorite bug-tracking software. Whether it’s Jira, GitHub, or something else, we've built dozens of integrations to help your team focus on what matters—fixing, not tracking.

Get Notified Instantly

Whenever your users are asking for help, you'll be notified instantly on the tool of your choice, without needing to switch between different apps. Integrate Instabug with Slack and others to forward bugs, crashes, chats, and feedback on the spot.

Reply To Support Tickets In-App

Streamline your team’s workflow by forwarding all incoming tickets and conversations directly to your designated help desk. Whether it’s Zendesk, Freshdesk, Front, or another user support platform, you can reach out to customers wherever they are and access all conversations from one place.

Replying from Zendesk

Syncing Zendesk's replies with Instabug dashboard

Set Custom Rules For Forwarding

You can set up Instabug to automatically forward any incoming bug and crash reports or feedback to your tool without further action from you. Set it up and we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

Current list of integrations:

Instabug integrates with various third-party tools. Based on your plan, you will have access to either basic, advanced, or enterprise integrations.

Bug Tracker Tools

CRM Tools

Communication Tools:

Customized Integration Tools

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