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Get to know Instabug App Performance Monitoring
Get to know Instabug App Performance Monitoring

Instabug's APM tool helps you track key app quality and performance metrics.

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Instabug’s APM tool helps you track key metrics to improve your app’s performance, including Apdex scores, UI hangs, network timeouts and issues, slow launches, tracking custom traces, and more.

App Apdex scores

Instabug’s app Apdex score tells you whether your app’s overall user experience is Unacceptable, Poor, Fair, Good, or Excellent, and you can track it over time and across versions. For more granular analysis, you can also see individual Apdex scores for app launch, specific app traces, and specific network requests.

instabug apm

Instabug APM helps you easily understand how your app is performing

UI hangs

Instabug APM shows you a detailed distribution of UI hang occurrences per screen to help you easily identify where your app’s UI is unresponsive. You can also define custom UI traces to monitor for more control over how your occurrences are grouped. Filters and patterns help you quickly narrow down where an issue is occurring and optimize accordingly.

instabug apm

The Instabug APM dashboard shows you everything you need to know about your app’s UI hangs

Network performance

Instabug APM tracks the full round trip of your network requests as seen on the client side and be alerted to timeouts and issues. To help you identify and act on issues faster, you’ll be alerted about common network failures. For even more control and visibility, you can also track custom URL patterns.

instabug apm

Instabug APM monitors both server-side and client-side network performance

Execution traces

Instabug's APM tool will automatically fetch app traces and determine whether they are slow to execute. You can define custom execution traces to track, and you can set target thresholds for your traces so that you can easily spot where performance issues are occurring in your code and not meeting your KPIs.

instabug apm

Instabug APM shows you where your app is lagging and unresponsive

App launches

Determine if slow launches are related to app versions, devices, or OS versions. You can also set a threshold for the app launch time you’re trying to achieve so that you can determine if it’s poor, average, or good.

instabug apm

The Instabug APM dashboard helps you spot trouble areas at a glance

Get started

You can start using Instabug simply by adding one line of code to your application. Here is how to integrate the Instabug SDK.

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