While building your product, it's so essential to connect with your users and collect feedback. With Instabug’s in-app surveys, reach over 50% response rates and gain valuable user insights contextually.
You can create new surveys and announcements directly in your dashboard. In a few simple steps ship it quickly, let them respond right inside your app and called the feedback needed.

Here is a quick video shows you the product in action:

In this article, you can find the key functions in Instabug's Surveys & Announcements:

  1. Surveys & Announcements Types
  2. Targeting Options
  3. Survey Results
  4. Reply To Survey Repsponders
  5. Forwarding Your Reports With Integrated Tools
  6. Surveys Localization
  7. UI Customization

Surveys & Announcements Types

There are five different types of surveys and announcements that you can create:

Surveys Types

  1. Custom, you can build any type of survey you want.
  2. NPS, you can measure customer satisfaction and learn .
  3. App Rating, you can identify and prompt happy users to drive five-star reviews.

Announcements Types

  1. Version Update, you can prompt your users to download your latest version.
  2. What’s new, you can notify users about new features and improvements.

Here is a detailed explanation for creating the surveys and announcements.

Targeting Options

After creating the survey, you can use Auto Targeting to ship your surveys without any code changes and reach the right users at the right moment.
You can specify who receives your survey by choosing from a list of default conditions, and define when to show your survey, and how often you want it to appear to users. 

For advanced targeting, you can set custom conditions by using APIs to define custom attributes and events,

You can also use Manual Targeting for full control. 

Survey Results

Once publishing the survey, it will be shown to your target app users.
In your survey results, you’ll see real-time response rates.
Select any survey to get deeper analytics about question responses.

Reply To Survey Repsponders

You can also reply to your users who responded to surveys.
Thank them for participating or ask further questions to better understand their needs.

Surveys Localization

With support for localization, you can engage multiple markets instantly by simply adding different locales for your surveys with a click of a button. 

UI Customization

For a seamless experience, you can customize the look and feel to match your branding.

Start using Instabug’s In-App surveys today and get the answers you need to improve your app.

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