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What is Instabug? What are its products?
What is Instabug? What are its products?

Learn what's included in Instabug's suite of tools

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Instabug is a Software Development Kit (SDK) that empowers mobile-first companies to iterate faster and enhance their app quality by providing intuitive user feedback channels and comprehensive bug and crash insights.

The SDK allows developers to detect and squash bugs and crashes with greater speed and efficiency. It also provides easy, low-friction feedback avenues for product managers and mobile teams to collect feedback, send surveys, and engage in two-way conversations with their users.

If you are here because you’ve encountered the Instabug menu while using a mobile app, you can click here to learn more about Instabug and how to use it.

Instabug Products

Instabug offers a suite of products to help you enhance your user experience. Each product automates manual workflows in the mobile development cycle and sends and receives real-time, in-context data to and from your app.

  • Bug Reporting & Feedback: Receive comprehensive bug/feedback reports from testers and users and communicate inside your app replying to their questions.

  • Crash Reporting: Receive crashes and report non-fatal errors with stack trace information and contextual details to enhance the stability of your app.

  • In- App-Surveys & Announcements: Send targeted surveys to your users at the right time, in the right place, and send alerts to your testers and users to update their app or share your product updates.

  • Feature Requests: Tailor a customer-driven product, and build features that matter to your users by allowing them to vote from right inside your app.

  • App Insights: Drive your business forward and see the full picture with a holistic, data-driven look at each of your apps.

  • App Performance Monitoring: Track key metrics to improve performance, including Apdex scores, UI hangs, network timeouts and issues, slow launches, tracking custom traces, and more.

Product Tour Videos

If you need to see each of Instabug's products in action, we have crafted a short educational video tours library for each product to help you see all the features in action and unlock its potential.

Supported Platforms and languages

Instabug supports multiple mobile platforms and languages.

Integration Tools

In addition, Instabug integrates with the top third-party tools in the market to help you accelerate your current workflow.

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