Instabug supports multiple platforms. To get started with any of them, just click on one of the relevant links below:

  1. iOS

  2. Android

  3. React Native

  4. Cordova

  5. Xamarin

  6. Unity iOS

  7. Unity Android

Supported Features per Platform:

All of Instabug's features are fully supported on iOS and Android. For cross-platform features, you can review availability here: React Native, Cordova, Xamarin, and Unity. Instabug is currently in the process of increasing functionality across all platforms.

Instabug for Web:

Instabug has an open-source web SDK for web apps.

Instabug for Flutter:

Flutter functionality is in development. You can get more details and learn about its progress here.

Ready to integrate? Here are integration steps for each platform.

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