There are three different levels of permissions available on your Instabug dashboard. A user can be an owner, admin, or member.

Here is a detailed breakdown for each:


  • Can add/edit/delete applications.

  • Can add/delete/edit of any team member, including other owners (change roles).

  • Can add/remove app access for all apps.

  • Can change plans.


  • Can add/edit/delete applications.

  • Can add/edit/delete team members (admins and members only).

  • Can add/edit app access for the apps they have access on only.

  • Can change plans.


  • Can add apps (can't edit/delete apps).

  • Can add app access only for the apps they have access on.

  • Can't edit/delete team members.

  • Can't remove app access.

  • Can't change plans.


  • Can view reports only for the apps they have access on.

  • Can't access actions on any of the reports.

You can manage the team permissions directly from the Team Members page.
Click on Your Account icon on the top right of the page, then select Account Management, followed by Team Members, and then you can select the Edit icon on each team member.

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