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How does Instabug deal with data privacy?
How does Instabug deal with data privacy?

Your data is yours alone and we don't access it unless requested by you.

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We treat data privacy and security with a great deal of importance. To give more context on our data privacy and security details, our servers are located in the United States in Amazon’s private data centers (AWS US-East-1). Data is stored in MySQL and ElasticSearch on AWS EBS disks, both of which are encrypted at rest. Your data is retained indefinitely until the account is deleted or a request is made by you to delete specific data.

For the database, we take a snapshot every minute; for ElasticSearch, we don't usually create backups as we can directly recreate it from the database.

The data is only accessible by authorized personnel within Instabug for data manipulation in the event that it is requested by you. Otherwise, the data will never be accessed. For example, this could include changing email information or anonymizing specific end users.

You can find all these details and more in our privacy policy and terms of service.
You can also view details about our compliance with GDPR.

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