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How can I customize Instabug's Invocation Methods?
How can I customize Instabug's Invocation Methods?

Define when and how Instabug appears to your users

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Each app has its own custom-tailored user experience. Instabug's SDK is designed to integrate seamlessly inside your app.

You can customize how Instabug shows up in your app through Prompt Options and Invocation Methods.

Prompt Options

Once Instabug is invoked, a menu will appear to your users asking, "Need help?" 

This menu has options to report a bug, share feedback, or send a message, depending on the products enabled in your plan

The menu options include four categories:

  1. Report a problem

  2. Suggest an improvement

  3. Ask a question

  4. Unread messages

You have control over which options are shown by disabling menu items or enabling alternatives. The popup that appears will follow your color theme and primary color.

Instabug's documentation teaches you how to change these menu options.

Invocation Methods

You can choose from among a number of options for your users to invoke Instabug: 

  • Shake the device

  • Take a screenshot (using home + lock buttons)

  • Tap on a floating button shown above your app's UI

  • Pan to the left from the right edge of the screen (one-finger left swipe)

  • Swipe with two fingers from right to left

  • None (manual invocation)

You have the option to use one or multiple invocation events. By default, Instabug's menu appears when the device is shaken. You can also show the SDK manually from a custom button you add to your app. You can change the invocation method to any of the events supported at runtime.

Instabug's documentation gives you more details about how to set invocation methods and the supported events for each mobile platform. 

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