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Does Instabug support web apps?
Does Instabug support web apps?

For web apps, Instabug offers an open-source web SDK.

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Instabug's web SDK is an open-source JavaScript library that provides an easy way to report bugs from your website with all the details to help you reproduce and eliminate bugs faster.

This library is built as a free tool and is not part of any of Instabug's current subscription plans. The SDK is available publicly here on GitHub, and here are more details about its installation steps.

If you want more out of bug reporting for the web, we've partnered with the best web bug-reporting tools so you can build better websites. We recommend Usersnap, BugHerd, and These tools will allow bug reporting from your website and web apps while automatically capturing screenshots, browser & OS information, screen resolution and much more. 

To know more about each tool and their exclusive offers for Instabug users, take a closer look:

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