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What is included in Instabug's pricing plans?
What is included in Instabug's pricing plans?

Learn about the features in each plan and possible customizations.

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Instabug offers a wide range of features and pricing plans that fit different needs. There are three self-service plans with fixed pricing, as well as custom Premium plan options.

Self-Service Plans

Free ($0/m)

Key features:

It supports:

  • 1 app (with two modes: beta and live) 

  • 1 team member 

  • 1 month of data retention

  • 50 Bug reports/m

Basic ($149/m)

The Basic plan includes the below key features:

It supports:

  • 2 apps (each with beta and live modes)

  • 4 team members

  • 3 months of data retention

  • 100 bug reports/m

  • 200K sessions/m

Pro ($249/m)

The Pro Plan includes all of the above features plus the following:

It supports:

  • 2 apps (each with beta and live modes)

  • 4 team members

  • 6 months of data retention 

  • 500 bug reports/m

  • 500K sessions/m


You can add to your plans the below Add-ons:

Monthly vs. Annual Billing

The prices mentioned above are for monthly billing. Annual billing gets you 20% off.

Extra Team Members and Apps

All of the self-service plans (except for Free) can add up to 10 team members and 4 apps for additional fees. Extra apps and members are supported on Premium plans if you're considering having more than 10 members or more than 4 apps. You can find more details about pricing here.

Premium Plan

In addition to unlocking all of Instabug's products and features, Premium plans are custom-tailored to your workflow needs. 

The Premium plan includes all of the Pro features plus the following key features:

Key Benefits:

  • 4+ apps (each with beta and live modes) 

  • 10+ team members 

  • Flexible Data Retention: You can keep your data records unretired.

  • Flexible Sessions Support: You can increase the 500K monthly sessions limit.

  • Flexible Bug Reports: You can increase the 500K monthly reports.

  • White Labeling: You can have a fully logo-free version of the SDK whenever we release a new build.

  • On-Premise Hosting: You can host Instabug on your own infrastructure and only you will be able to access the data that you log through our SDK.

  • Dedicated Hosting: We'll manage a private cloud for you so you can have a single-tenant environment.

  • Account Management: You'll have a dedicated Instabug team member responsible for conducting regular health checks, advising you on industry best practices, and helping you achieve your goals.

  • Dedicated On-boarding: One of Instabug's team members will directly assist you with account setup and training for your team to ensure you get maximum value from Instabug.

  • API Access: Get access to our API to query data and build your own custom reports and dashboards. 

  • Custom Integrations: We can build you new integrations or customize existing third-party integrations with any of our tools.

  • Custom Reports: Receive a monthly report customized to fit your needs, with the analytics of the issues you specify. 

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