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Performance Metrics Default Targets
Performance Metrics Default Targets

Changes in App Launch, Screen Loading, and Networks default targets, and why users might find changes in the Apdex of some traces.

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Did you know that performance metrics targets are one of the main contributors to changing the overall App Apdex?

Let me quickly brief you about how it works!

  • First, you set a target for each performance trace in App Launches, Screen Loading, ..etc.

  • If the duration of occurrences coming on this trace is higher or lower than this target, then they fall into buckets:

    • Satisfying: if its duration ≤ T

    • Tolerable: if its duration > T and ≤ 4T

    • Frustrating: if its duration > 4T

  • These buckets then contribute to the overall App Apdex:

    • Total = Satisfying sessions + Tolerable sessions + Frustrating sessions + Crashing sessions

    • App Apdex score = (Satisfying sessions + 0.5 * Tolerable sessions) / Total

In this sense, we adjusted the default performance metrics targets based on your industry benchmarks to better accommodate your usage patterns.

You can always change the targets to your own standards by clicking on the highlighted time under the trace name on the metric page or ask our support team to change the default targets of each metric.

You can read more about Targets and Apdex here and here.

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