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Maximizing the Bug Reports and Feedback You Receive
Maximizing the Bug Reports and Feedback You Receive

Best practices for internal testing, dogfooding, and beta testing to get better feedback

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Now that you integrated Instabug into your app, it’s time to maximize the number and quality of bug reports and user feedback you receive.

Here are a few best practices to get you started

Distributing your app

Getting your app in the hands of your team can be as simple as uploading the app version to the file-sharing system of your choice and sharing the link. However, using an app distribution tool will help you make your process more efficient and make tracking all the different versions of your app much more manageable.

For more details about distribution tools and a list of some of the top platforms in the market along with their pros and cons, check out this article on our blog:

Dogfooding your app

Dogfooding puts your team in your users' shoes to see things from their perspective and build empathy for them. Ideally, dogfooding should involve using your app in a real-world environment for the same purpose and in the same way your end-users would.

For more information about dogfooding and how you can use it to build a better user experience, check out this article on our blog:

Beta testing your app

Beta testing is a best practice that will help you gauge how your app will perform in the hands of real users before you launch. Beta tests are a great way to find bugs and performance issues, validate your app or new features, and gain some exposure.

For more information about beta testing, its benefits, and best practices to create successful beta tests, check out these articles on our blog:

Bug reporting best practices

Depending on your use case, you can customize everything about Instabug’s Bug Reporting user flow. While every app has its own specific needs, we have compiled some best practices for configuring Instabug’s Bug Reporting based on what other users find helpful.

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